Integrated Project Management is the core of Rockbuilding’s services. We know that a project needs to have a thorough technical, commercial, financial, and administrative broad management.

Our clients are looking to get the most out of their equity. We work on their behalf to make this happen, bringing rigour and the best international practice approach. To ensure we deliver the best projects that meet our clients’ cultures, values and commercial expectations.

Our project managers promote solid relationships with stakeholders, in order to find the best practices that meets our clients’ goals.

Our reputation and our unrivalled experience provide our clients with the confidence that we will always have their best interests in mind.

Strategic planning

All projects start with a plan that establishes an use program, planning, commercial and financial objectives and all the other resources needed to complete the project.

The strategic planning process’s outcome is a strategic plan document, designed to identify the goals and objectives of a project and its commercial strategies.

Comprehensive market, licensing, and cost-benefit analysis is essential when appraising, prioritising project proposals, bidding for funding or allocating funds.

Assess the industry, economy and comumunity. Understanding the real estate industry’s current condition and its forecast is critically important to a successful strategic plan.

Our strategic planning process consists of:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Uses Master Plan
  • Licensing strategy
  • Different scenario testing based on:
    • a. Highest and best uses
      b. Master Schedule
      c. Cost-revenue study
      d. Risk assessment
  • Implementation strategy plan

Cost Valuation, Management & Control

A preliminary master budget is based on historical data of hard costs, soft costs and current market data of sales, rents, fees and yields, amongst other.

A solid business plan is a result of our expert analysis that help clients make more informed decisions in all project phases. From design to construction, funding to sales, our advice aims to adds value from the start, in all stages of an investment.

Cost control

Cost management provides a specialized control to reduce client risk, foreseen potential overruns, consolidating value and confidence on the final development cost.

We support our clients predicting and managing hard and soft costs, from an initial feasibility study to a monthly control and budget update until the final close accounting.

Our main outputs:

  • Cost Modelling and Cost Planning, to proactively manage construction costs.
  • Best value studies.
  • Optimising cost performance at every project stage using our internal benchmark database.
  • Post-contract Cost Management and Final Account settlement.
  • Day to day invoice validation and control registry.
  • Expertise integrating new technologies such as BIM, sustainability, and online financial reports.

Procurement and Contract management

The right procurement methodology can be critical to the project´s success. With access to the latest market intelligence and in-depth knowledge of the market players, our team offers our clients impartial advice on, representing the best value for money.

Key services include:

  • Procurement;
  • Drafting objectives and KPI’s;
  • Review and strategic advice;
  • Negotiation;
  • Mediation and adjudication;
  • Contract management and control;

Design Management

Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively designed buildings that enhance demanded quality and provide the project economic success.

One of our competitive advantages is to have both experienced engineers and architects in our team. While architects deal with the design and aesthetic components, civil engineers deal with the structural planning adapting the architect’s creativity and innovation. One completes the other. Teamwork is vital in life and this is especially true in Rockbuilding.

Our job role involves the following duties:

  • Motivating and managing design teams.
  • Ensuring architectural and engineering drawings and designs are on time, on budget and always with high quality.
  • Analysis of deliverables.
  • Rules compliance checking.

Licensing strategy and Coordination

Our experience in hundreds of managed projects made us realise that the permitting of real estate for commercial, office, hospitality, industrial, or residential development is a complex process.

We endeavour to provide our clients with practical advice based in our broad knowledge of the national and municipal laws, zoning, and planning. We aim to align our client interests with the more efficient permitting strategy in each project.

During all project phases our teams manages the necessary licenses and permits timings and requirements, notifications, requesting and receiving all the required inspections and coordinating utility connections final licence.

Value engineering

Adding value is developing new solutions throughout the phases of a project, reducing costs and increasing functionality and the respective asset value.

When it comes to architecture and engineering, this means aiming for the most cost-effective buildings that fulfils its functional and commercial requirements along the investment life cycle.

After preliminary analysis, we use our know-how and creativity to generate a pool of optimizations and alternative solutions which surpass the intended functions and pursue value improvements.

Our expert assessment of factors, including product life cycle, sustainability and wellness, allows our clients to better predict their spending and take more informed decisions.

Risk management

Investing in real estate comes with its own set of risks, and some are not within an investor’s control.

Economic environment, politics, demographics, and trends, for example, can make the difference between a thriving residential and commercial real estate venture and one that does not live up to expectations.

A successful risk management requires a proactive identification, a precise assessment and a robust mitigation strategy. Our team use rigorous analysis to help clients assess and manage risk at the earliest possible stage.

Site management & supervision

Our team offers a full range of construction management services to achieve construction timescales, budget, and quality requirements from the initial tender to final handover.

Rockbuilding also provides multi-disciplinary site supervision services in order to ensure the correct execution of the approved projects and the client’s business plan goals.

Our site supervision services includes:

  • Quality and design compliance;
  • Verification of expenditure and approval of drawdowns;
  • Change orders management;
  • Works programme review and monitoring;
  • Ongoing progress reporting;
  • Health and Safety coordination
  • Sustainability and wellness monitoring;
  • Test and commissioning;
  • Handover and snag lists;
  • Works provisional and definitive reception;
  • Use Permitting and document compliance;
  • Technical data room coordination

Real estate investments are becoming more and more complex. Our advisory services support the development of coordinated and multidisciplinary strategies that maximize project results and minimize inherent risks;

Due Diligences

It is critical to know the potential risks or costs overrun prior to committing to a property transaction.

A Due diligence aims to establish the technical condition of a building in a careful manner. Risks are identified and quantified so that you can make a well-founded decision on your purchase or sale. Due diligence will mention potential deal-breakers immediately through a red flag report prepared in accordance with RICS guidelines. We work fast, effectively, and goal oriented.

The importance of due diligences for buyers is evident. But also for the seller. It:

  • Speeds up the sale procedures as all data related to the property are presented);
  • increases the chance of obtaining the highest selling price by minimizing unknown risks;

Best use Studies

What type of use is best for an asset economically under current zoning and/or with minimal new rights? We go beyond the typical report, analyzing the costs and benefits of various occupation strategies, taking into account market trends, legal restrictions and community background.

Our analysis determines the maximum development potential of a real property in the following steps:

  • Asset analysis: we assess the location, configuration and characteristics of the property, as well as the urban development possibilities, respective framework and nature of adjacent properties nearby;
  • Entitlement and Constraints Analysis: Secondly, we evaluate the land use and zoning of the property with existing laws and regulations; this process also involves evaluating land use plans and overlays including General Plan elements and Specific Plans that may apply.
  • Market Analysis: We use the latest market data to determine likely and/or conservative market rental rates, sales rates, pipeline, yields and other revenue projections for use in the value analysis.
  • Valuation of Real Estate assets using methods approved by CMVM.
  • The output of the above processes will provide us with the numerical and qualitative information we need to make a recommendation of a particular project type and scale.

Feasibility study

The goal is to achieve the maximum potential of a development site.

To ensure that the development project archives a certain level of profit, a financial feasibility study is undertaken during the initial phase. This study’s sole purpose is to determine the numbers and evaluate a return from the development.

A Feasibility Study is the base of a business plan. It helps deconstruct complex projects and execute them in a manageable and timely manner – with as few surprises as possible.

The final plan will help you reduce risks, forecast the investment required, manage timelines, get legal and regulatory approvals, and prevent bottlenecks.

Our financial team can also optimize each project’s funding strategy and promote the necessary interactions with the financial entities and equity partners to better adapt the project cash flow needs to the funding lifespan and capital return periods.

Project monitoring

Our role is to act as an independent monitor for a party directly interested in completing a project with no direct control over its delivery. We support promoters and investors at every stage of your project’s development, ensuring that they can have information that allows them to understand the real state of your project, in terms of costs, planning and risk map.

Our services include:

  • Initial report;
  • Periodic progress report;
  • Cost Validation;
  • Early warning of potential issues and recommendations for expedite resolution;
  • Review of distressed projects and recommendations of recovery strategies;
  • Permitting and document compliance;